TPI Power Kit with TSP Over Rev Tune – KTM / Husky 150 TPI

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Our new TSP Over Rev tune for the 150 TPI lifts peak power from just over 10,000 rpm all the way up to 11,600 rpm, with an increase in peak power of over 6hp!! Compared to a stock 150 TPI the Over Rev tune makes more power everywhere above 8,000 rpm and the way it rides is totally different out on the track!


Your bike's VIN# is needed for all ECU Re-flashes. Typically 17 characters and can be found on the bike's frame steering tube or registration/pink slip.
Top End Rebuild Kit (+$230.00)
Radiator Fan Kit (+$220.00)
TPI Injector Relocation Kit (+$180.00)
Oil Pump Delete Kit (+$40.00)
Map Switch (+$35.00)
Fuel Filter (+$30.00)
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Gasket Kit (+$25.00)
Additional Spark Plug (+$15.00)
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Introducing our 150TPI TSP Power kit with Over Rev mapping!

After many many dyno runs (over 900!) and many test rides, TSP has finally unlocked the ECU’s potential to be able to allow the 150 TPI to rev much higher than before! It can now perform similar to the 150 SX carb models, while retaining the stock injectors and without risking reliability. Our new TSP Over Rev tune for the 150 TPI lifts peak power from just over 10,000 rpm all the way up to 11,600 rpm, with an increase in peak power of over 6hp!! Compared to a stock 150 TPI the Over Rev tune makes more power everywhere above 8,000 rpm and the way it rides is totally different out on the track!

The trick to getting the 150 TPI to run at much higher revs lies in the ECU mapping and the exhaust pipe. We have tested extensively with the Scalvini 150 TPI pipe which focuses power higher in the revs, but not quite as high as the SX pipe. The Scalvini pipe gives more mid-range than the SX pipe, but signs off slightly earlier. In our opinion, its a great middle ground, making the Over Rev tune extremely versatile in both high revving situations, as well as slower technical riding. The 150 TPI with our Over Rev tune is one of our favorite bikes to ride.  The “fun-factor” is through the roof!!

TSP has developed significant changes to the ECU mapping which allows the stock ECU and injectors to supply enough fuel for the 150 TPI to rev to the moon. This cannot be achieved without changes to the ECU and there are currently no other tuners offering anything like this tune! Running a higher revving pipe with the stock ECU mapping leaves the bikes running extremely lean and the end results can be disastrous.

This package will transform the power delivery of your TPI. The package includes the following:

  • TSP billet cylinder head. We currently offer a single compression ratio which is higher than stock but still very safe for 91-92 octane pump fuel. The TSP head includes a complete head gasket kit.
  • Re-flashing of your STOCK ECU with improved fuel, oil and ignition maps developed by TSP. We modify both Map 1 and Map 2, with a more noticeable difference between the maps compared to the stock maps. Both maps have more oil everywhere compared to stock. Map 1 is the fully tuned map delivering maximum performance. Map 2 has less ignition advance and more fuel than Map 1 and is softer everywhere. Map 2 is the ‘safe’ map we suggest using for prolonged high speed riding, deep sand, or if you want to temporarily reduce power in very technical terrain.
  • Scalvini Factory Cone exhaust pipe
  • SBMP idle screw and spring, necessary to do the ‘idle screw mod’. Not always necessary to install but we supply it just in case.
  • NGK spark plug to match the tune and set up.

This package makes a huge difference to the 150TPI and offers the following gains over a stock bike:

  • Much more power at mid/high revs. The bike feels like it revs to the moon compared to a stock 150TPI.
  • More oil than the stock maps for improved reliability. The stock ’20 model maps gave a very low oil volume. This was increased on the ’21 stock maps due to a high number of top end seizures in the early models. Our oil maps offer a greater volume than the stock ’21 maps.
  • 2 ignition maps: hard and soft. The stock map switch works like normal to select between the customized maps. We also offer a TSP branded map switch available on our web site.
  • Much smoother power delivery at part throttle – the part throttle sputter is almost completely gone.
  • Much less ‘pipe bang’. This is the annoying “dang, dang, dang” noise the engine makes on deceleration. Its generally harmless but very annoying and makes the stock  TPI unpleasant to ride at times.
  • Safer air/fuel ratios at high rpm and large throttle openings so the engine is safer during prolonged high speed running
  • Better throttle response

*** NOTE: For maximum reliability we strongly recommend updating your 2020 model forged piston to the new design cast piston which is now stock on the 2021 model. The ’20 model forged piston was a bad design, and along with the very low oil volume on the stock ’20 maps it was very prone to top end failures. We offer OEM Vertex cast 150 pistons on our website in a complete top end rebuild kit! When used in conjunction with our updated ECU mapping and head your 150 TPI will have much more power and be MORE reliable than the stock ’20 models.

In order to change the stock ECU data, TSP has spent hundreds of hours developing their own process for accessing, changing and reloading the ECU data. TSP was the first to develop a tuned package for the TPI bikes and have years of experience testing and tuning fuel injected 2 strokes prior to the release of the TPIs in 2018.

We provide an idle setting bolt that can be installed if you feel the need to change the idle speed or air screw setting after fitting the kit, however the vast majority of bikes will run fine without it.

We supply fitting instruction plus recommended settings for the air screw and power valve preload.

Please read the following notes clearly first!

  • This Over Rev tune is to be used with TSP Head and a Scalvini or 150SX pipe. This kit is not designed to be used with the stock head & stock pipe design
  • This kit is designed for high-revving applications. If you prefer more torque, or riding in the lower RPM range, see our standard TSP 150TPI Power kit
  • Please DO NOT use SX or Scalvini pipes on a standard KTM tune (or our normal TSP tune) as the bike runs dangerously lean at higher RPM. This is the only kit available that allows the bike to rev highly while remaining safe to do so
  • If you already have our TPI power kit or a Scalvini/SX pipe and want to order this Over Rev tune, please contact us directly and we will manually process your request!

How to order:

  • Purchase the TPI Power Kit by placing an online order, and payment method
  • Send us your stock ECU with a copy of the order form
  • Once we receive your ECU we will re-flash it and return it with the head, pipe, idle screw and spark plug
  • A complete head gasket kit is included with the TSP head.

Note: In order for us to reflash your ECU, please ship us your ECU with a copy of a work order form, and be sure to include your bike’s VIN # on the work order form.  We are not able to flash your ECU without the VIN #.

Additional information

Weight20 lbs

4 reviews for TPI Power Kit with TSP Over Rev Tune – KTM / Husky 150 TPI

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The bike is an absolute ripper now. This is how the 150 TPi bikes should run from factory. Over rev is excellent but the bike still lugs. Map 2 is actually usable now. Highly recommend.

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  2. Robert S. (verified owner)

    I have a 21 TE150i (40hrs)that I’ve used as a spare bike and one my boy just started to learn on. My background with small bore bikes is only a worked over cr125.
    This bike is easy to ride but signs off too early. Riding at altitude 5K the power is in a very small band and I found myself just holding it at the rev limiter in short straights just to avoid shifting for not.
    I called SB and then ordered the kit. I shipped my ecu Friday and had it back with the rest of the kit (head,pipe and my ecu) on Wednesday. The install took about and hour as the pipe would not fit with the provided o-rings. I replaced them and installed the head and ecu with no more issues. I did not do a top end as the bike has had an easy life so far at 40hrs.
    I took the bike to the high desert in Bend OR and rode it 80mi then 40mi the following day. The head,pipe and tune as a whole package make the bike actually fun now. I cannot tell it lost anything down low. I thought for sure it would struggle in the technical hilly stuff but it not only rips but still has its low end (good for a small bore). The bike averaged 44mpg day 1 and 40 ish day 2. Just do the whole kit. You won’t be disappointed:)
    Drag race was 2017ktm 500 w motor work and to the left 23 ktm 300xcw with an improper ecu tune to the right.

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  3. James Young (verified owner)

    fast turn around and quality parts great to work with.

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  4. Bruce Kugler (verified owner)

    This kit transformed my KTM 150xcw into a different machine way more response throughout the power range. South Bay Motorsports walked me through the different options and helped me with finding the perfect solution for my riding style.

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