How To Order

How to order

How to order a TSP Power Kit for the KTM/Husky/Gas Gas TPI & TBI

  • Purchase the “TSP Power Kit” by placing an order on this web site
  • Input your bike information
  • Click “Select Options” if available and select your desired combustion chamber (and type of tune if TBI)
  • View Shopping Cart to verify order
  • Proceed to Check Out – enter your contact info, shipping info, and payment – click Place Order
  • Send us your stock ECU with a copy of your completed Work Order Form. Ship the ECU to the address on the Work Order Form.
  • For TBI ECU’s, you must include the bikes VIN # for us to access the ECU
  • Shipping info is included on the “Work Order Form”
  • Include a copy of the “Work Order Form” in the box with your ECU
  • Once we receive your ECU and your completed “Work Order From”, we will reflash your ECU and return it with any additional parts you ordered
  • Expected turn-around times are typically 24-48 hours from the time we receive your ECU and “Work Order Form” (Monday through Thursday) to when it gets shipped back to you.  We do not flash ECU’s on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
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