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2018 KTM 300cc XCW Carb and Head Review

The TSP Keihin Carb and High Compression Head work great on my 300cc XCW. Much better than the stock Mikuni. Power band is smooth and just keeps pulling, amazing. Raced 60 miles last week in the Nevada desert of which 10 miles was frozen ground, ice, snow. Kept it on 2 wheels on the ice and was able to pull hard on the dry dirt. Very strong and useable power. Will buy more products from

Greg Ekins

This could get expensive!!

Just got back from racing. My kids first race ever. He placed 5th overall in the 250 beginners class. In reality he was 2nd. 1-3 were sandbagging the class They rode several levels up also and played towards the top. He’s beyond happy with how his bike is running. Absolutely ripping. He was pulling on 250f’s. Once we get the photos back he’s going to do a full review on the TPI page and tag


Second hand Bike???

Just got myself the newest bike I have ever Had!! A Husqvarna TE 300 2021. I have a 2004 EXC 250 KTM. The Husqvarna has no paperwork with it Except the registration documents. IT has a Performance Ecu And Head installed. I have taken the bike apart for inspection before I ride it. Sent the information to Steve regarding the identification of the head. He has spent time and effort to tell me the type

Ben Dawes

Major Improvement

Installed the low compression head and ecu flash. Tremendous improvement. The power is incredibly smooth on my 250. Before the flash and head, the power would surge a lot. Best improvement I’ve made to my

Elliot M.

That is the Best Customer Service

I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your time helping me out with my TPI sensor. That is the best customer service I’ve had in a long time! Thanks again – you’re a good

Troy F.

2020 Husqvarna TE 300-i

I installed the ECU and new head and it made the power phenomenal compared to

Ryan K.

Follow-up on Fine Tuning My Bike

I just wanted to follow-up on all of your latest recommendations for fine tuning my bike: Rekluse: Set Bevel Spring to #3 (stiffest setting) and set to Low Engagement Installed Idle screw and set to 600MV Bike runs even better and no more stalling issues. Thank you again for all of your time and


Fucking awesome

sbmp testimonial markh

Fucking awesome 👏 TSP

Mark H
sbmp testimonial victor

Three of these Huskies have your products installed! At the creek at

Victor R.
Just wanted to drop you a line and give you some feedback. We talked a couple of weeks ago about my ongoing issues even after head and reflash. My TPS setting was over 700 mV so I turned it down to 600 which I found too low and problems still persisted anyways. Then I tried switching the CCP and barometric sensors. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. This bike has not run properly right from brand new


Thanks for getting the kit back so quick! I put it on and have hit our little short course a few times in the nearby woods with it. It’s great. So much smoother than stock. It really pulls great down low in the rpms now. You can use the whole gear. It’s more fun around town

I usually don’t write emails like this, but wanted to thank you for your power kit for my 2019 KTM 300xcw-tpi. Immediately after install, the bike ran the way it should have from the factory. I’ve spent two years messing with it trying to get it to run well and it finally does. The splutter and garble is gone at part throttle, the bike transitions on to the pipe smoothly, and it makes more useable


2021 GasGas EX300 South Bay Moto Performance/TSP Power Kit First Ride

I received the kit yesterday afternoon and installed it right away, thank you for the immediate turnaround! I thought I’d give you a quick “first ride” impression/review.   2021 GasGas EX300 South Bay Moto Performance/TSP Power Kit First Ride   I warmed the bike up and took it for a quick test/setup ride. You were right, the difference was immediately noticeable! Better pull from down low and a MUCH smoother transition into the mid-range. Now

Lance L.

50 miles yesterday on medium to hard and tight single track. No stalling problem and bike will now pull from low down and I can carry a higher gear. Pretty


Very happy with the TSP head/reflash. Turned the TE from what felt like an updated version of my old RMX into a


Super pumped for the upcoming race season.

Wanted to thank you for all the help on the phone the other day with the “power valve flutter” I was experiencing in the mid range under load (primarily in the snow). Adjusted power valve to about a millimeter from flush, slightly less than it was stock completely solved the issue. TE300i, medium comp head, air screw .5 turns, idle screw installed after a couple rides. The bike is running fantastic, most dialed in 300


Great Kit, Great Setup! Thanks Again!

Got the bike out a few times since the install and man oh man I am stoked.. The power band is exactly as I wanted from the bike since day 1 … We ride a lot of trials bikes around here and the off-idle torque feels like my trials bike which is amazing. I’ll be sending more customers your way as soon as they get to try my bike … Even though it’s sled season

Got 2.4 Hours on the bike today with no bog once warmed up the bike runs amazing! It won’t stall haha just when you expect it to stall like my YZ250X it lugs 2nd gear up rocky rutted hills it’s crazy!!!! The engine screams too, pull is so linear I love it. I know exactly what the bike will do every time I twist which is very comforting in the tight stuff. Thanks for everything


Finally got a chance to ride this past weekend. All I can say is wow, it’s a completely different bike. I haven’t even adjusted the power valve yet and it already is way more rideable in the woods. I can pull 3rd gear again like on my 2018. Thanks


Just wanted to thank you , i installed the performance package and I’m very happy with it the bike runs so crisp now and the power it puts out is


Regarding my High Compression Head/ ECU Reflash for my 2020 TE250i

The bike fired up nicely after I installed the head, sounded amazing and throttle response felt really good (clean/crisp). So I took it for a ride yesterday. Everything is snow covered here, anywhere from about 2-45cm (1-18″) depending on drifts. We run Mitas Trelleborg tires (or grip studs) for the winter. It wasn’t that cold yesterday, about -15° C (5° F) when we started. The bike fired up and idled instantly. There was clearly more


I absolutely love the kit. It runs better all around and I don’t think I’ll ever need to mess with the power again. Appreciate the quick

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