TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit

TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit – 150, 250, & 300cc TPI

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The TSP Injector Relocation Kit (IRK) moves one injector behind the throttle body (TBI) and leaves one injector in the cylinder (TPI).  You will want to reflash your ECU  with the latest TSP tune designed specifically for the TSP IRK.  It is highly recommended to run this kit with your choice of a TSP head, as the entire kit was designed to work seamlessly together.  Riders will notice an increase in off idle throttle response, a much smoother and more linear power delivery, and more pull up top with increased over rev compared to the standard TSP Power Kit and a massive improvement over stock.


  • TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit (IRK):  $180
  • New customer TSP ECU flash: $300
  • Current TSP customer ECU re-flash: $100 ($200 savings)

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TSP’s unique TPI Injector Relocation Kit (IRK) combines the best of TPI with the best of TBI in one package.

The TSP IRK kit moves one injector to the intake (TBI) and leaves one injector in the stock TPI location. Combined with the TSP  custom ECU mapping which is designed specifically for the TSP IRK, the power delivery is next level and allows us to deliver the best of both worlds… the smoothness on/off the throttle of the TPI combined with the mid range and top end power increase of the TBI setup. The TSP IRK kit allows you to run premix, or you can continue to run the stock oil pump. The kit comes with all the necessary hardware for a simple installation… including fuel hose, hose clamps, an injector blank (installed in the right side of the cylinder) and a 3D aluminum printed injector mount. You will need to disassemble the stock fuel line and utilize some of the existing components, however there is no modification required, so it can always be put back to stock if necessary.

It is strongly recommend to install this kit with a TSP ECU re-flash and TSP head to take full advantage of the relocation benefits. With your ECU, we have control over the injector timing & phasing, which will drastically improve the smoothness & reliability of your TPI bike. The fuel pooling in the video example cannot be changed unless we change the ECU mapping. We also have access to fuel, ignition and oil maps to make the bike much more responsive, smooth and predictable, while offering more power and reliability over stock.

For customers who have previously purchased a TPI power kit that want to purchase this injector relocation kit, we will be offering the ECU re-flash update at a significant discount to these returning customers.

If you choose to run premix, not required,  you will need a TSP Oil Pump Delete Kit plug and play loom available for purchase as a separate kit on our web site.

Please see the full video below on the benefits TSP IRK and why we have changed to this new design. It will have some technical detail including engine videos explaining what we can achieve and why we are doing it.

Please Note:


  • TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit (IRK):  $180
  • New customer TSP ECU flash: $300
  • Current TSP customer ECU re-flash: $100 ($200 savings)


32 reviews for TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit – 150, 250, & 300cc TPI

  1. David Wyland (verified owner)

    This is a must do and once dialed in gives you another gear to climb with. I’ve been on the same trail hundreds of times and have always had to start in second as third was to high but after this kit install I’m able to pull third every time. The most incredible part for me is not the kit or the performance gains but how available Steve at SBMP is, He answers his phone, even late into the evening and returns emails within minutes on most days. Including weekends. So rare in this day and age to have someone be so available with a business.

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  2. Aaron Clark (verified owner)

    I was advised to get this and a high compression cylinder head from my mechanic here in Colorado. I said OK and purchased the product. I had talked to Steve, the owner of SBMP, and he took the time to have a nice conversation with me all about the expected performance of this upgrade. He was very knowledgeable. I had it installed and OMG! I’ve had two good solid rides on this so far and what an amazing difference. All the power out of my 250 XC that I would ever need. If I’m not careful the bike will just wheelie out from under me. What incredible performance! Climbing hills in third and fourth gear at altitude without problems. And it has perfect snappy throttle like the days of old racing two strokes. If you don’t have this yet you need to get it now! You will not be disappointed.

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  3. Mark DeLorenzo (verified owner)

    My 21′ KTM250 XC feels incredibly strong after installing the TSP Injector Relocation Kit. I already had the TSP power kit installed with the medium compression head and that was a phenomenal upgrade over the stock TPI power delivery. After watching all the rave reviews on the 23′ KTM TBI power delivery I knew I wanted to try this kit to get the best of both worlds. I sent me ECU back in to get the new tune, it was a very quick turnaround. You will not be disappointed with the IRK, this thing barks if you need it to now, but you can still lug it around the single track. Steve and his crew are a pleasure to deal with as well.

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  4. Troy F. (verified owner)

    I got the relocation kit for my KTM XCW 150. I was having some small problems and called Steve. Once again, best customer service ever! Southbay Moto is very pleasant to deal with and Steve is a good man, always willing to help you. Thanks Again!

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  5. Tyler Armour (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! I was going to sell my Gas Gas and get a Beta until I got the YSP medium comp head and injector relocation kit and remap. Now it’s my favorite bike I’ve ever had.

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  6. Matt M. (verified owner)

    After upgrading my 2020 TE300i with a medium compression power kit, I thought it couldn’t get any better… I was wrong. The IRK is incredible! It’s amazing how a small adjustment can make such a difference. It just keeps. on. pulling! The power does not back off up top and is smooth as butter. If you have a TPI and are interested in a TBI, here’s your chance to have the best of both worlds for $300. Slam dunk. Definitely recommend doing both the power kit and IRK.

    Like always Steve and Stacy at SBMP provide the best customer service!

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  7. christopher connacher (verified owner)

    I have had nothing but a great experience purchasing both the performance and Injector relocation kits. Your customer service is terrific and your response time is very quick. I would have no reservations on buying from South Bay Moto Performance/Two Stroke Performance.

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  8. Jim Fletchall (verified owner)

    Your service was great, haven’t got to try it yet oring on quick connect from tank was bad and needed replacing, nearest dealer is 2 hours away, should have it by the weekend

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  9. Garrett (verified owner)

    2020 KTM 250 XC-W TPI. Previously had the high-comp TSP head and ECU tune on the bike, which was a massive improvement over stock. With the injector relocation it feels like there is more torque off-idle with a definite improvement in horsepower and quickness in the mid and upper RPM range. Long climbs are easier with less need to keep bike at high revs. Highly recommend this upgrade.
    Oh, and South Bay Moto Performance is awesome to work with!

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  10. Robert C. (verified owner)

    2022 TE300i. This makes the TSP head/ECU tune/Idle Adjust Screw Kit Mod even better. The bike runs cleaner, it can be ridden a gear higher because of more instant torque, it revs out more quickly, and has more top end power. MPG is about the same, 30+. No downside at all. SB Moto provided outstanding service once again.

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  11. Steve Rice (verified owner)

    The TSP- ILK. reflashed ECU and medium compression head made my TE300 work perfectly. The throttle response is absolutely perfect. Highly recommend it. South Bay performance is excellent to deal with. Thank you so much!!!

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  12. james (verified owner)

    Fast & great service … this kit is it!! From the moment you push the start button the bike just runs perfect

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  13. Jordan (verified owner)

    Steve and staff were great to work with. Lots of communication was helpful. TSP only flashes ECUs certain days of the week. Ask up front which days and the turn around times. UPS was a day late both directions so plan accordingly if your turn around is a tight timeline. TSP IRK kit parts are nice. Getting fuel clamps oriented is tricky. I plan to use a few genuine Oetiker clamps like TPI and 4-stroke KTMs use where these screw clamps don’t provide much clearance. But that is personal preference. The 3D printed injector mounts are neat and work well. My air temp sensor didn’t fit super tight in my airboot but it works. Overall I am happy with my purchase, my bike runs great, and SB Moto was great to work with.

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  14. Jonathan DeGray (verified owner)

    Preformance different is amazing. Really unlocked engine power range. Finally got the 1/4 throutle sputter fixed.

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  15. Bill Funk

    I originally wrote this review and placed it on a few of the better known forums. I’m now up to about 30 hours on this complete kit. I also agree with the others above, Steve took all the time I needed to explain exactly what to expect from this kit. I would highly recommend South Bay Moto!

    I installed the TSP injection re location plus Medium head with their ECU re flash. I previously had a Cobber ecu, idle screw mod, S-3 AA head and Fmf exhaust/Vertex reed. I was pretty happy with the bike as was (2021 tpi 300 xcw) but compared to my dialed in 2019 xc carbed, it lacked in some areas. Anyhow dispite it being drastically improved with the Coober and other stuff mentioned above, I decided to give this TSP power kit with injection re-location a shot. To do it all it’s a lot of $ so it was a tough pill after already spending  similar on the Coober and Slavens S-3 AA low elevation (but still high compression) head but to switch to this, you got to do the whole package because you need their ECU tuned to operate the injectors at much different times than a normal configuration.

    Anyhow for anyone who is doubting this new package. I’m on here to tell you, it’s fantastic! I have a good buddy who has the new 23 xc300 TBI. It’s also fantastic but my tpi has endless hours of me getting it just right suspension and protection wise just the hole set up is perfect for me . The endless hours (labor of love) and associated costs were substantial but both of my bikes are  100% confidence inspiring!

    I  would have hated to let it go. But dispite all that work, the power delivery could not compare to my now also very dialed in XC carbed bike and definitely paled in comparison motor running wise to my friends 23 TBI. 

    So where is all this headed???

    Just do it! This TPI/TBI flat out runs perfectly from a slow electric like tanking crawl to crazy smooth and strong mid right on up to screaming over rev. I simply can’t believe the difference. Remember now, I kinda felt that way the first time compared to stock but this is way way closer to a TBI except maybe even cleaner at low end. Just hit the button and walk away to let it warm while putting on my gear with no worries of plug foul or stall. No cold start needed unless really cold, no backfire when shutting off like the 23 sometimes does. I mean it’s just smooth and strong. Lastly, I considered the oil delete but since I’ve had zero issues with my pump and while doing this I went ahead and re did the top end (99.6 hrs) and it looked almost perfect. (I’m sure Cobber uses extra oil as does this new ECU) so with that said I simply don’t see a need to do away with the oil injection. Obviously I already have that with the carbed XC. 
    I no longer have any interest in the 23-24 TBIs. My 2021 tank is now my go to favorite where as before this final mod, my carbed XC was all I was riding.

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  16. Craig S. (verified owner)

    First of all, Steve and Stacy are truly exceptional. The level of service they provide me was quasi heroic and definitely unequaled by any other company I’ve ever worked with. Thanks you two. Secondly, the injector relocation kit, combined with the ECU flash and upgraded head are the real deal. They truly transform the bike. Mine is a 2021 KTM 300 xc-w. Be deliberate about following the set up instructions. Get the air screw set first (as lean as possible without having “lean” symptoms). Then set the idle as low as possible without it wanting to die. Make sure your bike is at operating temperature when making these adjustments. Lastly, set your power valve where you like it. I’m running mine just shy of 1 1/2 turns in from all the way out with the stock (yellow) spring. I run a high compression head because I typically ride at higher elevations. The bike pulls hard. The throttle response is crisp and it is truly a joy to ride now. Before it was just “o.k.” Now it is exciting. If you’re on the fence about this performance enhancement, just do it. If your experience is like mine (and others that have commented in these reviews), you will be happy you did.

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  17. Rob T. (verified owner)

    My GasGas EX250 is a completely different bike! It pulls a higher gear and the power is from bottom to top! It was worth every penny!

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  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  19. Brian Baker (verified owner)

    Bike runs awesome! Love the added low-mid power. 23 TE150i

    Image #1 from Brian Baker
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  20. Daniel Hayakawa (verified owner)

    This is a game changer for any TPI bike. Transforms the power significantly in terms of available and controllable torque. Allows you to carry a gear better and gives significantly better grunt right off the bottom. Fantastic upgrade for hard enduro riders. SB Moto crew is always fast on the ECU turnaround!

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  21. Ken C. (verified owner)

    What a transformation clean crisp with great throttle response highly recommended for the tpi bikes

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  22. john barnhart

    Installed TSP IRK in my 2020 KTM 250 XCTPI. Already had BrandX med comp head and ECU remap which helped significantly. The bike was great in the woods but still not enough mid range pull for moto. But the TSP IRK incl TSP med comp head and ECU remap bumped it to another level. Stronger everywhere esp mid to top with very crisp throttle response. Now its the best running 2 stroke I have ever ridden. Does exactly what your right hand asks over a very wide rpm range for a 2 stroke. Highly recommend the TSP IRK for TPI bikes.

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  23. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

    Instant response to throttle, running 1 gear higher, feels like I’m at 8000 feet elevation when I’m a 12000

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  24. Richard Vellacott (verified owner)

    High quality parts, very good service by South Bay Moto Performance

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  25. Brian K. (verified owner)

    Took out all the low end hesitation and it’s perfect now.. 💪🏽❤️ best bike I’ve ever ridden now. Ever. 22 TX300i

    Image #1 from Brian K.
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  26. Brett M. (verified owner)

    The product was installed flawlessly. Steve also walked me through the steps I didn’t understand great customer service!!!

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  27. John (Steve) Minniear (verified owner)

    I have a TSP kit on my HQV 150i. I recently purchased this IRK and have been pleased with the results. The installation instructions are very clear, and the kit provides a noticeable improvement in performance.

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  28. Kade M. (verified owner)

    Makes my bike a whole new monster and feels amazing

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  29. Nathan F. (verified owner)

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  30. TERRY CONSTANTINE (verified owner)

    simple install ,runs Better than expected,super Happy customer

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  31. Joe Miltenberger (verified owner)

    Bike runs better than it ever has since I bought it

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  32. Victor C. (verified owner)

    Steve is very fast with the service and answers questions quickly. The product is excellent and would highly recommend the change to anyone currently running a standard TPI setup.

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