TSP TPI/Carb Map Switch

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TSP map switch for KTM/Husky/GasGas 150/250/300 – All TPI models

KTM/Husky/GasGas 250/300 2008 and newer Carb models



TSP map switch fits the following models:

150/250/300 – All TPI models

KTM/Husky 250/300 2008 and newer Carb models

This may fit 125/150 carb models if they run the same plugs as pictured above.

Want to be able to switch between your maps and you do not have the genuine map switch?

Always wanted to put a map switch on your bike but a genuine one was too expensive?

You now can with the TSP Map switch!

Fitted to your bars, it comes with a blue toggle switch to switch between maps on-the-fly! This is great for riders who go into deep-sand or really rough conditions and want to switch to the soft/safer map easily.

We have added an additional picture to the listing showing where you plug the switch into (the white plugs against the frame). These are located underneath the fuel tank and are on every listed bike from factory.

This map switch works on any of the above model bikes, it does not matter if it’s tuned by TSP or stock. All Stock ECU’s/ignitions from the factory have two tunes loaded on them.

4 reviews for TSP TPI/Carb Map Switch

  1. Daniel Hayakawa (verified owner)

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  2. daniel cockrell (verified owner)

    Best products on the market for a fair price

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  3. William S. (verified owner)

    Easy installation, 5 mins top. Just plug in. No need to take tank off to change maps. 2023 GasGas EX300

    Image #1 from William S.
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  4. Ted Beyer (verified owner)

    Really glad I got this. I was on the fence but the difference is noticeable and I like both maps:)

    Image #1 from Ted Beyer
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