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TSP Injector Relocation Kit (IRK) Installation Instructions

Installation guides and videos, along with some FAQs, for the installation of the TSP Injector Relocation Kit and the TSP Oil Pump Delete Kit.

We highly recommend taking the time to read the whole page including the FAQ as it may help you with your install and save potential easy errors. Even the highest level of mechanics have made some simple mistakes with this install, so please take care in reading the below sections. It is commonly mistaken that the injectors plugs are plugged in the wrong way around, or the crankcase pressure sensor and the ambient pressure sensor are the wrong way around when removing the oil tank. Please see the wiring diagram below to ensure all is connected correctly as it may have been reversed from factory.


Installation Guides

The installation guide link below lead to a PDF document filled with a quick guide and photos for your TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit:

There are also full installation videos if you prefer video instructions!

TSP Injector Relocation Kit FAQs


What air screw settings should I use for my bike?

*R2 tune means any tune after R2 including R2. R2,R3,R4 etc. This code should be on the back of your ECU.

It is recommended that you set your air & idle speeds after the bike has warmed up and not on a cold engine.

Some customers are confusing the screws around and getting incorrect settings. The idle screw is the one you have to install on the bike yourself, and the air screw is the adjustment screw that comes stock on all TPI bikes.

A good thing to note: If you set your idle too high the whole map will use a different value in the algorithm to work out rest of the tune, so although it may be fine in the lower RPMs it could cause issues in the higher RPMs. If you set your idle as low as you can without the bike stalling after setting the air screw, you will not have any issues and that’s how we set up every bike without issue. Try not to get caught up on trying to match up TPS voltages as it’s not as important and can be done easily without it, but if you’re super picky with numbers we would aim between roughly 0.55-0.58v.


What colors are my wires?

Here is a quick diagram of the colors of the wires. Please ensure you double-check this as many installers have connected these incorrectly and had to chase where the error is coming from.

*Please note – Sometimes, the injector wires are reversed from factory. On a stock bike this won’t be too noticeable, but it definitely will make a difference with our tune. Following the above guide will insure you install it correctly.


Where do I mount the power valve breather?

We accidentally missed this on our instructions, but we mount it on the right hand side of the bike against the inner side of the frame where the pipe and muffler connect together. Ensure the hose is not touching the exhaust otherwise it will melt. The hose doesn’t produce vacuum and has been fitted standard like this on carb bikes for many years.


Can I revert my injectors back to the stock location after getting my ECU flashed with a TSP IRK tune?

Yes, although it is not optimal and won’t be as powerful/smooth as running the injectors in the updated location with the updated tune, you can safely move the injector back to the standard location with this new mapping.


How come both of my injectors are firing, I thought the one in the intake doesn’t fire unless under load?

When in colder situations, or when the bike is cold, both injectors will fire in the warming up process. Once up to temp, the intake injector should only fire under load. If this is not the case, please double check to ensure your injector wire colours are correct. Although you may have plugged the injector plug back into the same injector spot you pulled it from, sometimes from factory they can (rarely) be plugged around the opposite way. Ensure you check the colours of your injector plugs.


Do I need a TSP Billet head to run the Injector Relocation Kit?

No, but you will get a definitely benefit in added throttle smoothness with our head design.


I have one of your Power Kits with your TSP Power Kits tune, do I need an updated TSP IRK tune to run your IRK?

To receive the full benefit of the relocation we highly recommend update to our new TSP IRK tune. This new tune has new injection phasing for the new location, as well as a few other changes. You can safely run the injection relocation kit on your current power kit tune, but it will not be optimal and it will be much more beneficial to get the new TSP IRK tune to suit.

150TPI models and 250/300 2018-2019 Models MUST run our TSP IRK tune otherwise your bike will not run correctly. 150TPI’s have reversed phasing to other models, and the 2018-2019’s will run too lean.


Do I need an oil pump delete kit?

No, the kit will run perfectly without it. This being said, if you want to run pre-mix, you will need the TSP Oil Pump Delete Kit.


Can I complete remove my oil tank after fitting the oil pump delete kit?

Yes you can, but note that your oil level light will come on. Our resistor tricks the ECU into thinking that your oil pump is running, but it does not have control over the oil level light. Some customers remove the bulb from this, other’s just leave it lit up.


Can I run the oil pump delete kit with the injectors in the stock location?

No, you will starve the bottom end of your bike and damage your engine. You will need to use any type of injector relocation kit with this kit where the injectors are relocated out of the cylinder.


What fuel ratio do you recommend with pre-mix?

This is ultimately up to yourself, but we run our bikes at 50:1.

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