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TSP TBI Power Kit w/ECU Reflash – 2024+ KTM/Husky 150cc

The 2024+ KTM/Husky 150cc TBI (throttle body injection) Power Kit includes a billet TSP head (cap and insert), reflash of your stock ECU with improved fuel maps, advanced ignition, more refined power valve settings and increased oil consumption.  A head O-ring & washer kit, and an NGK spark plug are also included.  TSP Power Kits offer the best performance gains for all late model fuel injected two strokes.

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Your bike's VIN# is needed for all ECU Re-flashes. Typically 17 characters and can be found on the bike's frame steering tube or registration/pink slip.

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TSP TBI Power Kit with ECU Reflash – 2024+ KTM/Husky 150cc TBI Models

This TSP TBI Power Kit fits 2024+ KTM XC-W and Husqvarna TE 150 models with the new 150 TBI (Throttle body injection) engine.

This is not designed for 150 SX/XC Models

This package includes:

  • Reflash of your stock ECU with significantly improved fuel and ignition maps, refined power valve settings, increased oil delivery, all developed by TSP.
  • A new 2 piece TSP billet cylinder head. We currently offer a single compression ratio which is higher than stock but still very safe for 91 octane pump fuel
  • Head O-ring & Washer Kit
  • NGK Spark Plug suited for the TSP tune and head

This package makes a huge difference to the 150 XC-W/TE over stock, with some key features being:

  • More power throughout the rev range, at all throttle positions.
  • Approx 2-3hp gain in most areas
  • Both Green & White maps are tuned and the stock map switch works like normal to select between the customized maps. The Green map is Hard/Aggressive, the White map is Safer/Softer.
  • Much better bottom end pull, makes hill climbs and lifting the front wheel easier
  • Increased oiling over stock for improved lubrication and engine longevity
  • Safer air/fuel ratios at high rpm and large throttle openings so the engine is safer during prolonged high speed running

All TSP mods are designed and dyno tested in-house at TSP so you can be sure you’re getting reliable performance for local conditions.

Note: In order for us to reflash your ECU, please ship us your ECU with a copy of a work order form, and be sure to include your bike’s VIN # on the work order form.  We are not able to flash your ECU without the VIN #.

Below are the make(s) and model(s) that will fit this part.

YearMakeEngine CCModel
YearMakeEngine CCModel
2024Husqvarna150TE TBI
2024KTM150XC-W TBI
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