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About SBMP
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About SBMP – Riding is what we do!

Born and raised in San Jose, CA, I purchased my first off road motorcycle in 1988. It was a 1982 Yamaha YZ 250, two-stroke. This was the first year of water cooled, and the radiator was on the handle bars behind the number plate. Not a knock on the bike, but I quickly became interested in learning how to tune two-stroke motorcycles for maximum performance and reliability.

I married my wife Stacy in 1994. I originally met her when I was 13 years old, and we had remained friends until we started dating in 1991. We have 3 awesome kids who are now grown adults, and both my boys are avid off-road riders and racers.

I started racing off road enduros in 1992, and fell in love with the sport. There are so many aspects of off-road riding and racing that bring a sense of fulfillment to my life. Working in the garage, tuning and maintaining bikes, and learning to become a skilled mechanic. Being outdoors with family and friends, enjoying beautiful nature, provides the opportunity to see places most people never get to see. I love the physical demands and competitive nature of racing. The sense of freedom while ripping a well-tuned bike through the woods, is addicting. The thrill of experiencing the incredible performance these modern-day bikes can deliver from horsepower, suspension, and brakes, is really quite amazing. However, I am probably most grateful for the comradery that is present in the off-road community. Over the years, I have met the most amazing people, in the most amazing places, who have become like a second family: The Moto Family.

I have always had a passion for two stroke motorcycles. I have spent countless hours testing to find optimum set ups, to achieve maximum performance while maintaining long term reliability of the bikes. That passion has always spilled over to wanting to help others get the most out of their bikes. It is gratifying to help others dial in their personal preferences and exceed their expectations for their own type of riding and skill level.

South Bay Moto Performance is an extension of my love for the sport. A continual quest to maximize performance and reliability of modern-day bikes, and wanting to share my experience with others in the moto community. I plan to meet new friends, discover new places, and provide the best two-stroke performance modifications on the market offered at an affordable price.


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