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TSP ECU Re-flash – KTM & Husky 300 TBI

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The TSP ECU tune is designed for KTM and Husky 300 TBI 2023+ Models with stock or modified heads and ignition. Improvements are made by modifying the stock fuel, ignition and power valve maps.


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This listing is for an ECU tune to for KTM and Husky 300cc TBI 2023-on Models

The ECU tune makes a huge difference to the 300 TBI over stock, with some key features being:

  • Drastically improved throttle performance in the whole RPM range
  • Both Green & White maps are tuned and the stock map switch works like normal to select between the customized maps.
  • Smoother throttle response
  • Better fuelling
  • Much more enjoyable to ride

For the first time since the release of the first fuel injected bikes back in 2018 we are offering 3 different ECU tunes to suit the 300 SX/XC models. This is because these bikes are being used in a wide range of conditions from high level MX through to Hard Enduro. The demands from riders on these engine is very broad and what is best suited to MX is not at all suitable to hard enduro. The 3 ECU tunes available are:

  • HARD ENDURO (HE) – The Green Map is the more aggressive of the 2 maps with White being softer.  Both maps give better part throttle power than stock but its delivered in a more usable manner. The green map revs out better for faster open sections or hill climbs, while the white maps is softer for very technical riding.
  • TRAIL (TR) – The Green map is more aggressive and is taken from the MX Tune. The White Map is softer and richer and is taken from the HE tune. This is a very versatile tune which gives the rider a broad range of performance through both the green and white maps. This is ideally suited to trail riding or cross country racing where the rider occasionally wants a softer map for more technical terrain.
  • MOTOCROSS (MX) – The MX Map basically has 2 aggressive maps. The Green map is the properly tuned map which gets maximum performance, while the white map is a slightly softer/safer map with a bit more fuel and a bit less ignition advance and is ideally suited to higher compression heads or deep sand riding where the normal Green tune may be a bit too crisp.

Although the ECU tune can be done on it’s own, doing this ECU upgrade as a package with our TSP insert/head at the same time will offer much better performance gains over stock, and we strongly advise going for our full TBI Power Kit for the best experience. You can view this kit in our “Power kits – TBI” Section.

If you are deciding between our head/insert or an ECU flash, it is advised that you go for our ECU tune first. The ECU flash will enable larger gains than the head/insert by itself as the standard ignition curves are quite soft. There are gains to be made by just swapping the head/insert especially with additional smoothness, but this is best complimented with the ECU flash so you get the most out of the head design.

Note: In order for us to reflash your TBI ECU, please ship us your ECU with a copy of a work order form, and be sure to include your bike’s VIN # on the work order form.  We are not able to flash your TBI ECU without the VIN #.

8 reviews for TSP ECU Re-flash – KTM & Husky 300 TBI

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    My 300 TBI with the TSP re-flash runs as close to perfect as any two-stroke I have ever ridden. In fact, I can’t think of anything that I would change. The latest stock map still ran rich at low rpm, but with the TSP re-flash there is no hint of it being rich anywhere and the power delivery is buttery smooth. I had great service from Southbay, with excellent communication and a fast turnaround. They received my ECU on Wednesday, and shipped it back on Thursday

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  2. leo (verified owner)

    This bike now runs amazing, pulls hard from idle, and the over rev is excellent, but is smooth and easy to ride.

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  3. Lee W. (verified owner)

    Bike ran perfectly better throttle response down low and all the way through the rpm range. Runs way better than the factory update.

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  4. Terry T. (verified owner)

    Very fast turnaround. The reflash performed as advertised. I also ended up matching it up with the head as well. I am very pleased with the outcome. We’ll worth the money!

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  5. steve vanzandt (verified owner)

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  6. Matt G. (verified owner)

    YES YES & YES. Worth every penny and then some. This one is a no brainer. DO IT!! Thanks SB MOTO you guys nailed this one

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  7. Ron C. (verified owner)

    The South Bay staff was great to deal with. Timely communication with my order and fast return shipping. Definitely recommend working with these folks. As far as the TSP ecu reflash,,,, holy cow. Huge improvement in performance with my 300 TBI. The improved soft map is now right where the green (hard) map was. And the improved hard map is amazing. I’m talking a very noticeable improvement in throttle response, and a much wider rpm band. Before the reflash, had excessive spooge, I mean oozing even after a short one hour ride. Now, a light amount of spooge, which is good, just not dripping all over the rear brake. If you are thinking about improving your ride, do this. It’s worth the price, and the price is not bad at all.

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  8. James T. (verified owner)

    Game changer! Better, more usable and controllable power everywhere.

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