TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover
TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover
TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover
TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover
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TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover – KTM/Husky/Gas Gas TBI

The TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover is compatible with all 250 & 300 2023+ TBI models including SX, XC, and XC-W, (along with associated Husky and Gas Gas models).  The TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover delivers significant power gains at low throttle and mid-revs, making it ideal for trail and hard enduro riders seeking smooth power delivery and maximum torque prior to the power valve opening.


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TSP ERM Rain & Dust Cover


TSP Oversized Powervalve CoverTSP Oversized Powervalve Cover

The Two Stroke Performance Oversized Powervalve Cover is designed to work with all 250 & 300 2023+ TBI models. This includes SX, XC, and XC-W models, as well as associated Husky and Gas Gas models.   The cover will work with stock or aftermarket pipes.

This cover will not only enhance the aesthetics of your bike, but it adds power at low throttle and low/mid revs where most riders need it most! It is ideally suited to trail riders and hard enduro riders who want smooth power delivery and maximum torque at low revs, before the power valve opens.

Our TBI Oversize Powervalve Cover is not just bling! Its been carefully designed and tested to ensure noticeable gains at low/mid revs. It is most effective between 3000-5000 RPM’s  and at low throttle, adding a torquier feel to the power delivery.

Check out the dyno results on our 2024 KTM 300 EXC TBI shop bike. This bike is running a Medium Compression TSP head with a TSP ECU tune. Adding the TSP Oversize Powervalve Cover further increased HP and torque down low by a noticeable amount.

Don’t be fooled by cheap bling covers out on the market, they are not the same product as our TSP Oversize Powervalve Cover!

How does it work?

TSP Oversized Powervalve Cover

At high revs the pressure waves traveling back and forth through the expansion chamber help to supercharge the cylinder, filling it with more fresh fuel/air than it would otherwise receive. This supercharging effect, and the extra power that results, is often what riders feel when they say a 2 stroke is “on the pipe” at higher revs.

The downside of this phenomenon is that the same pressure waves that help to supercharge the cylinder at high revs actually make it harder for fresh charge to enter the cylinder at lower revs. This causes a drop in power at low/mid revs. To combat this some power valve systems incorporate a ‘Torque Chamber’. A Torque Chamber is a chamber on the side or top of the cylinder which is opened and closed by the action of the power valve. When the power valve is closed or down, the chamber is open to the exhaust gasses. When the power valve opens at high revs the chamber becomes closed to the exhaust gasses.

At low revs, when the chamber is open, the pressure waves traveling through the expansion chamber enter the Torque Chamber and are dissipated somewhat, losing some of their strength. The reduction in the strength of these waves helps to improve the filling of the cylinder with fresh charge. Therefore, the Torque Chamber adds extra power down low by reducing the negative impact of the pipe in this rpm range. By adjusting the volume of the Torque Chamber we can further reduce the negative impact of the pipe at low revs, and increase power even more. This is how the TSP Oversize Powervalve cover helps to increase power at low revs (approx 3000-5000 RPM).

In order to find the ideal volume of the chamber we spent months dyno and track testing various designs until we settled on a design that made a noticeable improvement in low/mid torque for both the 250 and 300 TBI motors.

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