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TSP ERM – ECU Reflash Module – 2018+ TPI & TBI Models

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Now available for TPI and TBI – The TSP ERM – ECU Reflash Module – for 2018+ TPI and TBI models has been upgraded! This product is in stock and ready to ship.

Introducing the TSP ERM – The most exciting new product TSP has ever created brings new levels of tunability to the current generation of 2 stroke dirt bikes. Tuning these high tech machines has become out of reach of the average rider or home mechanic, but we are about to put the power back in your hands! The TSP ERM fits 2018+ KTM/Husky/Gas Gas 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, and 300cc bikes.

All TSP Tunes were designed with TSP heads/inserts.  We highly recommend pairing the ERM device with the appropriate TSP head/insert for best results.

Attention 125 TBI owners! The ERM is the only method available for tuning the 125 TBI ECU. There is not a re-flash of the ECU available.

NOTE: With the purchase of an ERM, you DO NOT need to ship us your ECU. Once you receive the ERM, you will use the ERM to download the correct maps for your bike, and you will flash your own ECU using the ERM.


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Above cable is required for 2018-2019 TPI Models
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TSP ERM – ECU Reflash Module – for 2018+ TPI and TBI models has been upgraded! This product is in stock and ready to ship.

The TSP ERM – ECU Reflash Module – is for 2018+ 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, and 300cc TPI and TBI models. All 2018-2019 KTM and Husky 250cc and 300cc models require the ERM Adapter Cable. Be sure to select in the options.

All TSP Tunes were designed with TSP heads/inserts.  We highly recommend pairing the ERM device with the appropriate TSP head/insert for best results.

Introducing the new TPI/TBI ERM v2.0

The most exciting new product TSP has ever created brings new levels of tunability to the current generation of 2 stroke dirtbikes. Tuning these high tech machines has become out of reach of the average rider or home mechanic, but we are about to put the power back in your hands!

Designed with the future in mind, it was created for current KTM, Husky, and Gas Gas TPI & TBI, and the Sherco 2-stroke carb models. (Sherco 300 models will be available in 2024)

The ERM comes standard with a downloadable TSP Tuned Map to suit your bike! Your TSP Tuned Map can be downloaded free of charge after the device has been registered on the ERM website.

The TSP ECU Reflash Module, or ERM for short (Patent Pending # 2023901865), is a powerful handheld tuning and diagnostic tool packed full of ground-breaking features!

The ERM can be mounted to the handlebars to view live data while doing testing, but it does not need to be mounted to the bike at all times, or even at all! The ECU can be re-flashed and saved with the changes made, and then the ERM can be packed away safely. The ECU tuned with whatever changes saved will stay on the ECU unless you plug the ERM back in and make more changes.

sbmp erm top header

The ERM cable connects to your bike via the diagnostic plug and the device can either be operated handheld or safely mounted on the bars using the optional mount. The tough construction means that your ERM will be safe under normal riding conditions (light rain, vibration, dust, etc) and when used on the bars it allows you to view live dash data while riding or pull up on the trail to make mapping adjustments.

Suits both TPI & TBI Models!

The the v2.0 ERM device can be registered for either TPI or TBI Models. Previous v1.0 TPI ERM’s can be updated to v2.0 free of charge via a firmware update. The ERM can only be paired to a single bike at a time, but it can be reset giving you the choice between TPI/TBI models again.

New Basic Tuning!

‘Basic’ Tuning is now standard on all ERM‘s. It is the most important update for this v2.0 release as it gives every user the ability to make simple but effective changes to maps:

  • Basic Tuning allows every user to make changes to both map 1 and map 2 of each tuned TSP Map, according to RPM and Throttle
  • Basic Tuning comes with several preset adjustments (richer, leaner, softer) which can be selected by the user.
  • Basic Tuning also allows every user to make customised adjustments to fuel, ignition and powervalve
    • Limits to changes apply: Fuel +/- 10%  |  Ignition  +3/-5 Degrees  Powervalve +10%/-10% (Powervalve TBI Models only)

ERM Tuning Features

basic combined

  • The ERM can store 2 TSP Tuned maps plus the Original map on the ERM (comes with one free tuned map)
  • Original map can be flashed back to the ECU at any time, as often as you want but cannot be modified.
  • Original Map is automatically saved to the ERM server during pairing to the ECU (TBI Models Only)
  • If you have two TSP Tuned Maps saved on the ERM, both  can be modified by the user through Basic, Pro or Pro+ modes (Pro and Pro+ Additional extras)
  • Your ERM Can only be paired to one ECU at a time

Dash Data

View live high speed engine data streamed directly from the ECU

tsp erm dash display

Dash display for TPI models: RPM, Throttle %, absolute throttle %, throttle voltage, Map choice, coolant temp, CCP Pressure, Ignition Advance and battery voltage



Dash display for TBI models: RPM, Throttle %, Powervalve opening %, throttle voltage, Map choice, coolant temp, Ignition Advance and battery voltage


Extras & Service Features

  • Fault Codes
    Read and display a list of fault codes on both TBI and TPI models. You can then clear the fault codes with the press of a button.
  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting
    Diagnostic function allows the current flashed map (including any changes made in Basic/Pro) to be saved as an encrypted file and sent to TSP for checking
  • Throttle calibration & setting TPS Voltage (TBI Models)
    The ERM allows you to correctly set the TPS voltage using the absolute throttle read-out on the ERM – critical on TBI models
  • Additional screens showing various features & information

Additional Paid Features

These features can be purchased through your account on the ERM Website

  • Pro Mode (Paid feature): Allows higher resolution changes than Basic Tuning according to RPM and throttle across 5 profiles.
    • (Limits to changes apply: Fuel +/- 10% | Ignition +3/-5 Degrees | Oil +100%/-50% | Powervalve +10%/-10% (TBI Models)).
  • Pro+ Mode (Paid feature): Same as Pro mode, but with no limitation to changes
  • ERM Reset (Paid feature): Allows the ERM to be reset so that it can be paired with a new bike.
    • Allows the ERM to be used with a TBI or TPI bike regardless of previous choice
    • Will leave the current ECU with whatever map was last flashed allowing you to keep a TSP tuned map on the previous ECU

Data Logging (TPI Models)

The ERM also allows data logging using a third party app. Just connect the ERM to your mobile device via wifi and stream data live to your phone, or data log so it can be reviewed later. This is particularly helpful when tuning and also provides a fascinating insight into how your engine is performing even for novice users.

ERM Website

The ERM website gives users all the tools they need to keep their ERM up to date, including Tuned Maps, ERM firmware updates, ERM Manager software updates plus instructions and videos.

The website also allows the user to upload copies of their original map and saved profiles so they can be kept safe and accessed again for future use if needed. Users can also purchase paid activations like Pro and Pro+ mode to enable the ERM tuning features.

ERM Manager Software

The ERM Manager software is a powerful tool which allows you to communicate with your ERM. You can save a backup of your Original Map, upload TSP Tuned Maps, view profile settings, backup profiles, save diagnostic files and much more. This custom software is currently available for Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer PC’s and MacOS Big Sur (Version 11) or newer.

Future Updates

We have a range of exciting updates planned for the future which are going to make the ERM the world standard in 2 stroke tuning and diagnostic tools. These include accessories, features and knowledge that will be unique to the ERM and allow ERM users to be in control of their engine in a way that’s never been offered before.


Additional features and ERM downloads can be found on the TSP ERM website

The new TSP ERM truly is “tuning redefined”


16 reviews for TSP ERM – ECU Reflash Module – 2018+ TPI & TBI Models

  1. Eric Moberg (verified owner)

    Was easy to use and straight forward

    (0) (0)
  2. Jake Johnson (verified owner)

    I have a ‘20 250 xcw. I have a BRC throttle body and the ability to make some minor adjustments has been great. I appreciate the ability to make maps and save them. I have two maps saved to run it as an irk or just the BRC throttle body

    (0) (0)
  3. Brian K. (verified owner)

    Amazing tool

    (0) (0)
  4. Jake Johnson (verified owner)

    I purchased the ERM so that I can make some tuning changes to the tsp map. It is very easy to use and I have made some adjustments quickly on the trail. Moto is ‘20 250 xcw with tsp high head and BRC TBI.

    (0) (0)
  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    Purchased for my 2024 KTM 300 XCW. Cleaned up the overly rich bottom end on my bike and allows some adjustment for me to fine tune. Really a great value for what it does.

    (0) (0)
  6. ANTONIO ORTIZ (verified owner)

    Great product

    (0) (0)
  7. Eric Gillen (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome, had help on a sunday when i had a issue downloading

    (0) (0)
  8. Chris Mooney (verified owner)

    I just started to do business w Steve and South Bay late last year 23′. So far the quality of the products and, more importantly, the level of support have been top notch. Steve is very attentive and clearly cares about his customers. He always gets back to my technical questions very quickly and follows through to make sure we were successful w the solutions.

    They definitely have earned my trust and loyalty.

    Buy w confidence!

    oh ya…the ERM is Awesome too!! 🙂

    (0) (0)
  9. Patrick (verified owner)

    Thank you for all your help on the phone and everything. When I was having difficulty connecting it works wonderful.

    (0) (0)
  10. Alan (verified owner)

    Items received very quickly, small glitch running the setup on Mac but was resolved same day

    (0) (0)
  11. Gary Saya (verified owner)

    Ran too lean in stock tune. Good thing that I could add fuel.

    (0) (0)
  12. Dustin (verified owner)

    The 2024 TE300 factory map was too rich and ultimately unrideable at 4000+ feet. The TSP ERM with suggested TSP map greatly resolved bottom end and midrange richness. Pro mode allowed for finer tuning and custom power delivery similar to a Beta Xtrainer in the white map, and a TX300 in the green map.

    Image #1 from Dustin
    Image #2 from Dustin
    (0) (0)
  13. Jake (verified owner)

    Best thing you can get for a fuel injected Moto. Extremely easy to use. I installed this with the tsp irk and head.

    (0) (0)
  14. Ernest Pearce (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new ERM and the service I received from South Bay. Steve is very knowledgeable about the products he sells and has been quick to respond to all of my questions.

    (0) (0)
  15. JEFF ROEDELL (verified owner)

    (0) (0)
  16. Eric Schettler (verified owner)

    TSP ERM is the best new product for TPI/TBI!!! Allows easy and fool proof tuning options for owners of these bikes. Additionally SB Moto Performance has also always gotten my products shipped out fast and provides amazing customer support. Highly recommended!!!

    (0) (0)
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2018KTM250XC-W TPI
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2019KTM300XC-W TPI
2020KTM150XC-W TPI
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2020KTM250XC-W TPI
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2022Gas Gas250EC TPI
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2022Gas Gas300EC TPI
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2022KTM150XC-W TPI
2022KTM250XC TPI
2022KTM250XC-W TPI
2022KTM300XC TPI
2022KTM300XC-W TPI
2023Gas Gas250EC TPI
2023Gas Gas250EX TPI
2023Gas Gas300EC TPI
2023Gas Gas300EX TPI
2023Husqvarna125TC TBI
2023Husqvarna250TC TBI
2023Husqvarna250TX TBI
2023Husqvarna300TX TBI
2023KTM125SX TBI
2023KTM125XC TBI
2023KTM150XC-W TPI
2023KTM250SX TBI
2023KTM250XC TBI
2023KTM250XC-W TPI
2023KTM300SX TBI
2023KTM300XC TBI
2023KTM300XC-W TPI
2024Gas Gas125MC TBI
2024Gas Gas250EX TBI
2024Gas Gas250MC TBI
2024Gas Gas300EC TBI
2024Gas Gas300EX TBI
2024Husqvarna125TC TBI
2024Husqvarna250TC TBI
2024Husqvarna250TX TBI
2024Husqvarna300TE TBI
2024Husqvarna300TX TBI
2024KTM125SX TBI
2024KTM125XC TBI
2024KTM250SX TBI
2024KTM250XC TBI
2024KTM300SX TBI
2024KTM300XC TBI
2024KTM300XC-W TBI
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