TSP Top End Rebuild Kit – 2009+ KTM, Husky and Gas Gas 65cc Models

Everything you need to rebuild the top end on your 2009+ KTM & Husky 65cc and 2021 Gas Gas 65cc.


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This TSP top end rebuild kit fits KTM SX 65cc & Husky TC 65cc models from 2009 on, as well as Gas Gas MC 65cc 2021 models. Image is for illustration purposes only and shows parts for an 85. The parts you will receive are very similar and will be correct for your models and year.

It includes:

  • Meteor piston kit in the size of your choice (A or B). Piston kit includes rings, pin, circlips and a high quality cast piston. These pistons are made by Meteor in Italy and are THE BEST available. The new Meteor piston features a special coating on the crown to reduce temps of the incoming charge and reduce detonation. This is a cutting edge piston developed especially for KTM.
  • Top end gasket kit. Made in Italy and packed especially for TSP. Includes a selection of base gaskets, power valve cover gaskets, copper washers and O rings… all O rings are the correct size and made from the correct material, unlike the cheaper aftermarket kits.
  • Pro X little end bearing

TSP rebuild kits are put together by TSP using parts sourced direct from OEM manufacturers in Japan and Europe. The parts we select are THE BEST available for each make/model and many are the exact same parts as the genuine OEM items.

We typically recommend only using an “A” piston size for brand new cylinders or cylinders that have been replated. The “B” piston size is typically used for any cylinder that has more than 25 hours on it.


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Below are the make(s) and model(s) that will fit this part.

YearMakeEngine CCModel
YearMakeEngine CCModel
2009Husqvarna65TC Carb
2009KTM65SX Carb
2010Husqvarna65TC Carb
2010KTM65SX Carb
2011Husqvarna65TC Carb
2011KTM65SX Carb
2012Husqvarna65TC Carb
2012KTM65SX Carb
2013Husqvarna65TC Carb
2013KTM65SX Carb
2014Husqvarna65TC Carb
2014KTM65SX Carb
2015Husqvarna65TC Carb
2015KTM65SX Carb
2016Husqvarna65TC Carb
2016KTM65SX Carb
2017Husqvarna65TC Carb
2017KTM65SX Carb
2018Husqvarna65TC Carb
2018KTM65SX Carb
2019Husqvarna65TC Carb
2019KTM65SX Carb
2020Husqvarna65TC Carb
2020KTM65SX Carb
2021Gas Gas65MC Carb
2021Husqvarna65TC Carb
2021KTM65SX Carb
2022Gas Gas65MC Carb
2022Husqvarna65TC Carb
2022KTM65SX Carb
2023Gas Gas65MC Carb
2023Husqvarna65TC Carb
2023KTM65SX Carb
2024Gas Gas65MC Carb
2024Husqvarna65TC Carb
2024KTM65SX Carb

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