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I absolutely love the kit. It runs better all around and I don’t think I’ll ever need to mess with the power again. Appreciate the quick… Read more “”


Regarding my High Compression Head/ ECU Reflash for my 2020 TE250i

The bike fired up nicely after I installed the head, sounded amazing and throttle response felt really good (clean/crisp). So I took it for a ride yesterday. Everything is snow covered here, anywhere from about… Read more “Regarding my High Compression Head/ ECU Reflash for my 2020 TE250i”


Just wanted to thank you , i installed the performance package and I’m very happy with it the bike runs so crisp now and the power it puts out is… Read more “”


Finally got a chance to ride this past weekend. All I can say is wow, it’s a completely different bike. I haven’t even adjusted the power valve yet and it already is way more rideable… Read more “”


Got 2.4 Hours on the bike today with no bog once warmed up the bike runs amazing! It won’t stall haha just when you expect it to stall like my YZ250X it lugs 2nd gear… Read more “”

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