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2021 GasGas EX300 South Bay Moto Performance/TSP Power Kit First Ride

I received the kit yesterday afternoon and installed it right away, thank you for the immediate turnaround! I thought I’d give you a quick “first ride” impression/review.


2021 GasGas EX300 South Bay Moto Performance/TSP Power Kit First Ride


I warmed the bike up and took it for a quick test/setup ride. You were right, the difference was immediately noticeable! Better pull from down low and a MUCH smoother transition into the mid-range. Now I can easily do low speed balance point wheelies and not worry about getting hit with that sudden mid-range surge that was there before (when I would occasionally get up into the rpm’s a bit). So much easier to control (and safer) and it sounds much better now too! Like it’s crisp and well-tuned. I played with the air screw settings as suggested in the kit but ended up with it back at its original position of 3.5 turns out. That’s where it seemed to run best off idle and at low throttle settings; maybe it’s because I’m at about 4750 feet above sea level here. I couldn’t tell any real difference between air screw settings at higher throttle openings. The idle speed at this air screw setting was basically perfect at about 1470 rpm, so I haven’t installed the idle screw modification yet. We’ll see if I decide I want/need to install it after running at other elevations, but the stock idle setting seems fine for here so far.


Anyway, I’m super happy with the kit so far and can’t wait to get it out into some terrain for a more thorough impression in varied conditions.

Lance L.
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