TSP Power Kit Carb – KTM/Husky/Gas Gas 250cc

TSP Power Kit for 2017 and newer KTM/Husky/Gas Gas 250cc carburetor bikes.


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Want to get the most power gains out of your 2017 and newer KTM/Husky/Gas Gas 150, 250 and 300? The Two Stroke Performance Power Kit for carburetor bikes is the hot set up. The kit includes a TSP pre-jetted Keihin 38mm Air Stryker short body carburetor, a CNC billet machined TSP head with compression ratio of your choice, and an NGK spark plug. All three components of the kit are designed to work together to give your two stroke engine increased power gains from bottom to top, with a much smoother power delivery. The TSP jet kit is designed to work from sea level up to 6,000 ft elevation. No more messing with your jetting on every ride. The TSP tuned Keihin carb is very consistent in for all different riding conditions.

LOW COMPRESSION (XC-W/XC/SX, TE/TX/TC and MC models): This new Low comp design provides a very smooth power delivery suited for extreme hard enduro, or for riders are looking for a very soft and linear power delivery without a hit. The low comp head does allow the engine to rev up very quickly and the over rev is impressive.  Best for riders who don’t have much need for extra bottom end power. It is a slightly higher comp ratio than the stock XCW/TE enduro heads and it is suited to the enduro models only.

MEDIUM COMPRESSION (XC-W/XC/SX, TE/TX/TC and MC models): The new Med comp design is the new “Go-To” head for most 250 riders. It is the best all-round design for the majority of enduro riders from 0-4,000 ft elevation. It can also be used on the SX/TC models where the motors are revving very hard and require smooth mid-range power gains and lots of over-rev. Higher compression ratio than stock but still works fine with 91 octane fuel. Gives a very noticeable increase in power throughout the rev range, especially bottom/mid. Gives much smoother power delivery than stock. Squish clearance is much tighter than stock.

HIGH COMPRESSION (suits SX and TC models): The new High comp design is best suited for the SX/TC models.  It can also be used on the enduro models at altitude above 5,000 ft.  Works fine with 91 octane fuel at higher elevations.  Squish clearance is much tighter than stock with an improved dome design. Provides impressive power increase everywhere, especially in the bottom and mid range, but still produces a much smoother power delivery than stock.

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Below are the make(s) and model(s) that will fit this part.

Year Make Engine CC Model
Year Make Engine CC Model
2017 Husqvarna 250 TC Carb
2017 Husqvarna 250 TE Carb
2017 Husqvarna 250 TX Carb
2017 KTM 250 SX Carb
2017 KTM 250 XC Carb
2017 KTM 250 XC-W Carb
2018 Husqvarna 250 TC Carb
2018 Husqvarna 250 TX Carb
2018 KTM 250 SX Carb
2018 KTM 250 XC Carb
2019 Husqvarna 250 TC Carb
2019 Husqvarna 250 TX Carb
2019 KTM 250 SX Carb
2019 KTM 250 XC Carb
2020 Husqvarna 250 TC Carb
2020 KTM 250 SX Carb
2021 Husqvarna 250 TC Carb
2021 KTM 250 SX Carb
2022 Gas Gas 250 MC Carb
2022 Husqvarna 250 TC Carb
2022 KTM 250 SX Carb
2023 Gas Gas 250 MC Carb
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