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NGK Spark Plug for 125cc and 150cc Carb TSP Tune

Modified heat range spark plug. Better suited for the improved power the engine makes with the TSP Power Kit and TSP Head Insert designed exclusively by TSP for the KTM and Husky 125cc and 150cc Carb bikes.


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Below are the make(s) and model(s) that will fit this part.

YearMakeEngine CCModel
YearMakeEngine CCModel
2016Husqvarna125TC Carb
2016Husqvarna150TE Carb
2016KTM125SX Carb
2016KTM150SX Carb
2016KTM150XC-W Carb
2017Husqvarna125TC Carb
2017Husqvarna150TE Carb
2017KTM125SX Carb
2017KTM150SX Carb
2017KTM150XC-W Carb
2018Husqvarna125TC Carb
2018Husqvarna150TE Carb
2018KTM125SX Carb
2018KTM150SX Carb
2018KTM150XC-W Carb
2019Husqvarna125TC Carb
2019Husqvarna150TE Carb
2019KTM125SX Carb
2019KTM150SX Carb
2019KTM150XC-W Carb
2020Husqvarna125TC Carb
2020KTM125SX Carb
2020KTM150SX Carb
2021Gas Gas125MC Carb
2021Husqvarna125TC Carb
2021KTM125SX Carb
2021KTM125XC Carb
2021KTM150SX Carb
2022Gas Gas125MC Carb
2022Husqvarna125TC Carb
2022KTM125SX Carb
2022KTM125XC Carb
2022KTM150SX Carb
2023Gas Gas125MC Carb
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