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2020 Holiday Hours

Limited Holiday Hours

To our extended Moto Family and valued customers… over the Holidays we will have limited Holiday hours, and turn-around times will be slower than usual for flashing and shipping out your TSP kits.

Please note the following shop hour changes for the holiday season:

  • The Shop will be closed from Dec 24th to Jan 3rd.
  • If your ECU arrives by noon on Dec 23rd, we will ship it back out to you on Dec 24th.
  • If your ECU arrived between Dec 24th and Jan 3rd, we will ship it back to you on Jan 5th.
  • Starting January 4th, we will be back to normal operating hours.
If you have any questions about shipping and turn around times during the Holidays, please call us before shipping your ECU and we can discuss timing.
Thank you for your patronage, and we look forward to helping you “tune up” your TPI for the New Year.
Happy Holidays from the SBMP Team.
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